Let's Grow Healthy Together!

We're Bringing Healthy Living To Town

For the average resident in Orchard Hill, groceries take 21% more of their income than the average Georgia household.  When it's already hard to make ends meet, that kind of expense can be crippling.  Then there's the stress associated with being cash-strapped, along with the preservative-rich dietary options which offer better results for the wallet but worse results for the body.  

We believe a community can work together to make things better all around.  God has given us the perfect opportunity to not just talk about a better life, but to actually take steps to make things better.  So on June 30, we will stick our shovels into the dirt for the inauguration of the Crossings Community Garden!

Providing no-cost, high quality food for households in our community, we actually have five main goals:

One- we will offer families healthy options for home-cooked meals

Two- we will bring financial relief to stretched budgets by relieving some of the burden for food purchases

Three- we will build community relationships through common activities that helps lift people out of isolation and loneliness

Four- we will foster the health benefits that come with outdoor activity by making the gardening a rewarding (and even fun! shared experience

Five- we will teach skills in gardening, canning, and food preparation that increase self sufficiency

Our hope is high, our hearts are invested, and our commitment is proven in the substantial progress already evident.  We believe the Crossings Community Garden will make a significant contribution to the quality of life in our community in every way, and will afford us the privilege of genuinely serving our neighbors as a demonstration of the love of Jesus that we ourselves have received.