Crossings Kids

Crossings is a Great Place for Your Little Ones

At Crossings you'll find top notch workers who are devoted to making sure every Sunday morning for your kids is safe, fun, and nurturing.


We offer nursery care throughout the service for newborns through 4 years old.   Caring team members who love taking care of children will watch over yours while you free your mind and refresh your own soul in worship.

K - 3rd GRADE

For younger elementary students we offer CK Dig In.  It's an engaging, age-appropriate, variety filled way to help kids not only learn truth from the Bible that will help them build a healthy life, but also to grow in their awareness of what it means that God loves them .  


Crossings is still a pretty young church, and we have made the choice to only do what we know we can consistently do well.  In the very near future we expect to add more options for kids during worship.  In the mean time, we think that the "big" service will actually engage your older students.  And it will allow the added benefit of conversation opportunities around the lunch or dinner table about what each of you is hearing from God.

For your nursery aged children, we offer care from the beginning of the service.  Just ask one of our friendly greeters, and they will be glad to take you there.  For K - 3, we invite kids to worship with us during the first portion of the service.  When the singing concludes, they will accompany the CK leader to the kids room.