This is Something More Profound Than Pride

It's hard to hear Ray Charles belt out the  exhilarating truth without being stirred inside.  God, in fact, has "shed His grace" on us is ways that exceed our ability to articulate.  And while most Americans today still hold that opinion, our collective response to His grace is as confused and conflicted as ever.  

We aren't talking about the old arguments of church and state, but rather the more nuanced considerations of personal faith and practical impact.  Benjamin Franklin openly questioned whether or not this nation could ever successfully begin without God's help.  Then, at his request, the founders of our nation prayed and asked for that help.  At that point, it's worth noting, the help wasn't for Washington's success in the next battle or for troop morale to handle the hard winter.  It was for the small band of representatives who faced the task of generating just the right language to capture the passions they shared in the midst of positions that left them at odds.  

For those men of the Continental Congress, as for us today, the struggle over ideas can be exhausting.  We wrestle over conflicting thoughts in the areas of economics, education, immigration, and a host of other issues.  Because we care how things turn out.  And we recognize that to get the results we want, like security, freedom, peace, and prosperity, we must arrive at the understanding that produce those results.  

The same is true for our individual living.  Beyond reasonable doubt, we are the most blessed, most advantaged, and most potential-rich nation ever to exist.  After almost two and a half centuries of innovation, technological advancement, medical progress, and social refinement, why do we still face such profound dilemmas?  In other words, why hasn't the potential of God's grace achieved a more thoroughly blessed experience?  Why haven't murder, hate, racism, jealousy, greed, loneliness, despair, poverty, sickness, and the like, been all but eradicated?  And what if a better grasp and application of the ideas that agree with God's grace could actually create a better life than we have ever yet seen?

Join us as we look into some of the unique advantages, enticements, and even predicaments that come with being American, and how we can move into the kind of experience afforded to us by our founders and, more importantly, the God they trusted to bring this nation to life.

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