What to Expect

When you visit . . .

Choosing to attend a church for the very first time can be kind of intimidating.  Every one at Crossings has done that at one time or another, so we know how it can feel.  That's why we do everything we can to get rid of that awkwardness.  From the time you approach the church, you'll see what we mean.

EASY PARKING: You'll find helpful signs and friendly parking attendants ready to help if you need.  

WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE: No one here is judging your style.  We just care whether or not we've made you feel welcome.  We'll help find a seat if you need it, point out the coffee, and answer any questions you may have.

UNDERSTANDABLE SERVICE: We're a church, so chances are we will be doing things that you don't see at the movie theater or restaurant, like singing, praying, and studying the Bible together.  At the same time, we are intentional about being real and relational, so you will also find plenty of laughing, smiling, catching up on the week's news, and lots of handshakes and hugs (take as much or as little of that as you want.  the whole service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes, and you'll be out in time for lunch.  You are completely free to join in at your own pace.

MEANINGFUL TEACHING: For us, the Bible is far more than a religious book.  It's a sourcebook for a whole new way of living.  After all, Jesus said His whole reason for being in the world was that He wanted people to experience "abundant life."    So each Sunday the pastor teaches ideas and practices that will help you build that kind of life--starting with Jesus.

MORE THAN JUST SUNDAYS: You will find that while Sunday mornings are important, they are not all we do.  Each week we will talk about other things that are happening as well, and we welcome you to be part of it.

KIDS: We offer childcare for Nursery through 3rd Grade.  Nursery is available for the duration (of course you're also free to keep your children with you).  For our K - 3rd kids, we allow them to sing and worship with us for the first portion of the service.  Then they go to class where they will experience a safe, fun, and nurturing time of learning from the Bible in engaging, age-appropriate ways.